Odlum Brown Limited is an independent, full-service investment firm providing disciplined investment advice and objective value-based research with a singular focus on clients.

Our firm’s underlying philosophy is to put our clients first in all our business dealings. We are a fully independent company, entirely employee owned, and we are proud of the quality of our personnel and their dedication to the well-being of our clients.

Preserving your capital is our first priority. Your financial goals and risk tolerance guide us in structuring a personalized portfolio suitable for you. In doing so, we recommend the best strategies available for income distribution, wealth accumulation, or a combination of both.

During my 45 years with Odlum Brown the world has changed markedly. There have been countless tumultuous events and various economic challenges of one kind or another. Our firm continues to grow and thrive in the face of such challenges by enhancing our traditional lines of business while preserving the traditions and values of our founders.

Our enduring success is due to an uncompromising commitment to our clients. Our value-based investment style continues to serve our clients well. We cherish the strong relationships we have built with our clients over the years, and we truly appreciate their loyalty.

On a Sunday evening in the summer of 1956, Barclay Simpson’s doorbell rang. A neighbor’s brother had stopped by to ask if he could make a product to connect the ends of 2x4s for a roof. Barclay replied, “Of course!” So he sat down with his plant foreman, developed some rough sketches and used a punch press to create his first joist hanger.

That simple beginning was about more than just solving problems. For Barclay, it was about putting the customer first. Our phrase – “Our customers are our bosses” – is a simple philosophy that permeates all that we do.

At Simpson Strong-Tie, it’s about enjoying what we do, doing it right and supporting our customers every step of the way – from order placed to product installed.

Today, Simpson Strong-Tie is the world leader in structural product solutions – solutions that not only help our customers, but help make structures safer and stronger. The company is recognized as the genuine connector brand in the residential construction industry, and also for its ever-expanding offering of shearwalls, moment frames and fasteners. In the last two decades, the company has expanded further with products for infrastructure, commercial and industrial construction, including mechanical anchors, adhesives and products that repair, protect and strengthen concrete and masonry.

But even with all of the growth, we still keep it simple, focusing on the core values that Barclay instilled and living up to our reputation of reliability, innovation, quality and service.

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F2C Nutrition believes that it is important to deliver quality nutritional supplements. We believe cutting edge scientific research is vital to the development of our nutritional supplements. We believe what you fuel your body with should taste awesome! We believe everyone is an athlete not just a consumer. We believe it is important to invest in our athletes. We believe nutrition education is key to an athlete’s performance and success. We believe that clean fuel is the only fuel worth using. We believe it is important to stand behind the quality of our products. We believe that when you use F2C Nutrition products you have the potential to improve your performance and success.