Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register on the day of the event?

On-line registration may be closed but you’re not out of luck!

Day-of registration is available and costs $60 if you have a Cycling BC license (yes, we need proof so bring it) and $70 if you need to purchase a one day license.

Day-of registration is CASH ONLY. Please also bring EXACT CHANGE.

To keep the day flowing and the smiles abundant please fill out the form below that you require. Print it, sign it and bring it with you:

WAIVER – required if you have a Cycling BC license

ONE DAY LICENSE – required if you do NOT have a Cycling BC license


Is there going to be a bike mechanic on site at the beginning of the ride?

Yes, one of our sponsors will be available to do a basic check of your bike between 7:00 – 8:00 at the Cultus Lake Main Beach.

What kind of ride support will there be for the riders during the ride?

We suggest that you be as self-reliant as possible. This is not a closed or marked course! Please have a flat repair kit, hydration, emergency contact information, cell phone and any specific nutrition you like with you on the ride. You will be able to access hydration and some nutrition from the support vehicles and scheduled stops. You will also never be too far from a general store but please do not rely on this.

Is the fundraising component mandatory?

There is no mandatory fundraising. Contributions will help our cause at the CMHA but it’s not expected of our participants. However, we encourage people to try and set a reasonable goal and contact their family/friends for donations. You may be surprised by how many friends are willing to donate if you send an email that says ‘Hey, I’m doing this crazy thing for a good cause, would you like to support it?’ CCN makes it easy for participants to, in less than a minute, create and share a personalized page that visually represents the event and campaign so you and your family/friends can track your progress!

Where does the money go?

We are proud to let you know that this ride is about giving the absolute maximum to the CMHA.  All of the donations will go directly to the CMHA and tax receipts will be provided for donations. All of the organizers are volunteers and costs have been kept to a minimum. We use your registration fee for things such as permits, posters, signage and food for the ride.

Any funds left over will be split between keeping a nest egg for next year’s event and donated.